About Me

Hi Chicas!
Welcome to Hola Chica, my name is Katie and I am the owner and creator of Hola Chica.

After moving to Australia from England I found it hard to find the over the top colourful fashion and accessories that i love! Hola Chica quickly evolved to reflect my longing for colour and vibrancy in my own wardrobe. I wanted pink sparkly sunglasses and obnoxiously large earrings, living in the warm tropics of Australia made me crave colour and I knew I must not be the only one!

I wanted to create a place for anyone who is searching for something a little bit extra to add to their wardrobe, a place to have fun with style and indulge in the bold and the colourful. The HC “House of Glamour” is not for those wishing to blend into the crowd but to shine and be confident in themselves no matter who you are! 
So if you feel like this sounds like the place for you, then mix up your favourite cocktail, pull up a pool chair and let’s have fun!

Katie xoxo