About Me

Hi Chica!
Welcome to Hola Chica your everyday is holiday store! Ok I know we can’t have holiday everyday, but we can help bring the vibes, colour and glamour of your favourite holiday to your daily life with HC high impact, over the top sunglasses and accessories.

My goal is every time you slip on your favourite HC piece you can close your eyes, smell the sunscreen, taste the margaritas and hear the gentle rustle of palm trees. 

I curate and create every piece for the Hola Chica store to ensure you get amazingly unique pieces that will have you standing out from the crowd and that also pass my stringent quality control. I have styles for every style and love seeing how you wear them!

So if this sounds like the place for you, then mix up your favourite cocktail, pull up a pool chair and let’s have fun!

Katie xoxo

Founder Hola Chica 


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